With our tiring lifestyle and multitasking, we barely get anytime to sleep. After a long tiresome day, we just want a good night’s sleep. With all the distractions in mind we never care to give a thought to our sleeping posture. Lots of people have a habit of sleeping on their stomach. It can help you with reduction of snoring and managing sleep apnea but is most certainly not good for your back and neck. As per Mayo Clinic, sleeping on your stomach puts a strain on your back and spine because most of your weight is in the middle of your body. This makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine position when you’re sleeping.

You tend to develop neck pain also as while sleeping on stomach you turn your head to a side causing neck twisting. With time, neck problems may increase. As far as moms-to-be are concerned, sleeping on stomach is out of question. A 2012 medical study suggests that sleeping on your left side when you’re pregnant can increase healthy blood flow and provide optimum oxygen levels for you and your baby (1).

Despite all the bad effects, some people are too reluctant to change this habit due to the blissful comfort it provides. Here are few tips that can help you:

  • Use a thin pillow. The flatter the pillow, the less angled your neck and the head will be.
  • Choose your mattress right. A slightly firmer than average bed may be very helpful.
  • Putting a pillow under pelvis can help. It will keep your back in a more neutral position, taking the pressure off your spine.
  • Stretching in the morning for 2-3 minutes will help but always start stretching session with a little bit of warm up and be very gentle with it.

The habit of lying on tummy should be discontinued as it can lead to major issues of the back and neck. Try lying on your back or your side while relaxing during the day, and then it might just become your habit during the night.