In the United States, more than $50 billion is spent each year trying to treat back pain.Major cause of this back pain is either occupational or gym injuries. Moderate weightlifting helps in developing back strength. But when you tend to overdo it going the extra mile, you may straight be heading towards straining your back or even causing disc prolapse. Hurting back may not only keep you from hitting the gym for a while but can also lead to lifelong problems.

Low back pain is one of the most common health problems in the society and causes considerable disability, work absenteeism, and use of health services. It is said to affect 50%-80% of us in our lifetime, and 15%-30% of us at any given time. During any 6-month period, 72% of adults will report lower back pain and 11% will report disabling lower back pain.

Things to remember

  • Be Reasonable – Most important and foremost advice is to be reasonable with weightlifting. Overextending or flexing your back muscles against the weight while weightlifting can result in injuries such as muscle strains/spinal injuries.
  • Choose Wisely – When starting a new weight training program, the exercise you choose should focus on support..
  • Warm-up/Cool-down – Proper warm up and cool down phase is required while gymming.
  • Gradually Step-up – Start with minimum weight and then gradually increase the weights.
  • “The Right Way” – You can always use less weight but do more repetitions.
  • Wear a Belt – Wearing belt while lifting weights is must, though there is no firm evidence that belt protects the back while weightlifting.
  • Do Smooth Movements – Do not perform weightlifting with jerky movement as it suddenly puts a lot of strain on your muscles.
  • Consult Physical Therapist/Trainer – You can always consult your physical therapist can show you how to do these exercises correctly as part of your ongoing treatment.

Back pain and weightlifting are not the opposing forces. Problems will not arise if exercises (weightlifting) are done in moderation. Weightlifting keeps you in shape and helps prevent any future injuries that may come from lack of back exercises. Be careful. Happy gymming!