Dancing To De-Stress Or To Lose Weight

Dancing surely gives all the adrenaline rush and makes you feel happy. It is one of the best ways to express your happiness. But it has more to it and the whole theory is backed by science. A study done by American Journal of Health Education in 2008 showed that dancing increases life satisfaction. It can act like an emotional outlet and helps in channelizing positive energy, and that, one should dance at least twice a week.

It has been recommended that 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises a week are capable to keep you fit and healthy. So, in routine, half an hour of physical activity a day can show up on your scale as satisfying weight loss. Exercising is more fun if it is paired or replaced with dancing. Many other techniques like Zumba and Aerobics can also be an option to consider.

Not only for fitness, as per a study done by The New England Journal of Medicine, dancing may boost memory and helps to prevent from developing dementia as you get older. Studies have shown that dancing is quite beneficial for children, and also, children exposed to rhythm learn better and movement increases one’s capacity to learn.

It can increase flexibility of the body and reduce stiffness. In a controlled study in The Journal of Applied Gerontology, researchers found that partner dance and musical accompaniment can help bring about stress relief.

Belly dancing is a very good form of exercise. It not only affects the belly, but also helps in shedding weight from the whole body. As per “Discovery Health” newsletter, a person weighing 200 pounds can lose 408 calories/hour and a person weighing 150 pounds can lose up to 306 calories/hour.

It is time to say goodbye to depression through dancing. People who participated in upbeat group dance showed fewest symptoms of depression. It improves cardiac health as well. The Journal of Aging and Physical Activity showed that Tango (a dance form) can improve balance in aging adults. Dance requires fast movements and good posture so if you dance frequently, it will help stabilize and gain better control of your body. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition found that a weekly dance program could improve physical performance, increase energy level and strengthen immunity.

So next time if you are feeling low, or need to tone up for a healthy life, just dance your heart out.