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Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

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All-in-one solutions to deliver Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Integrate an advanced remote therapeutic monitoring system with TheraNow. Access a nationwide clinician network through our remote monitoring platform or API to power your physical therapy practice. No fixed overhead so you can pass the savings on to patients and stay ahead of competition with premium patient-care.

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Effortless Integrations

Integrate with your existing process in no-time.

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How TheraNow RTM works in 1 minute

TheraNow offers most advanced remote therapeutic management for health systems and medical practices.

Comprehensive Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Solution

Therapist-guided monitoring sessions and support augmented by artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide objective and most-accurate data.

virtual rehabilitation Plug-and-play white-labeled platform or API for your remote therapeutic monitoring
largest network of certified physical therapy doctors. Nation’s largest network of board-certified physical therapists for monitoring & home treatment
treatment plan Artificial intelligence-powered objective and most accurate assessments and home treatment plans

Why Partner with TheraNow

We are here to elevate your patient care with state-of-art advanced therapeutic remote monitoring programs

virtual rehabilitation
Our plans meet the needs of your patients. Flexible solutions like remote monitoring to home treatment sessions.
largest network of certified physical therapy doctors.
Access to the portal, easy integration with existing processes, and concierge support. Easy user interface.
treatment plan
A platform your patients will love. Goal-based guided treatment approach with surround-sound recovery & well-being.
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  • High Compliance

    High Compliance

  • All-in-one solution

    All-in-one solution

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    High satisfaction


  • treatment plan
    Valuable insights into therapy adherence.
  • treatment plan
    Improved patient outcomes with better pro-active care.
  • treatment plan
    Timely interventions in sync with actual patient response.
  • treatment plan
    Increased patient motivation & active care program participation
  • treatment plan
    More data-driven decision making by care providers.
  • treatment plan
    Significant reduction in cost & burden on healthcare system.

TheraNow is a leading HIPAA compliant virtual rehabilitation and musculoskeletal platform in the United States, awarded with “The Most Innovative Technology”. Hippa Seal

Calculate your RTM Net Profit with TheraNow

No fixed overhead, So that you can pass the earnings on to patients and keep them healthy and happy. Find your lead with TheraNow.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Net Profit Calculator

Enter information about your practice to calculate the possible minimum net profit from RTM implemention.

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