Old Age Problems and Physical Therapy

You cannot reverse the ticking clock. You sure don’t even need to! The right physical activities and a healthy lifestyle can still make you feel young mentally and physically. But with advancing age, problems gradually seep in and eat-up our health in a parasitic way. However, physical therapy can help you fight these problems, and you can emerge as a winner. Here are some of the health conditions that we develop in old age, and how physical therapy can be the right choice for a longer, healthier, happier and independent life:

  1. Low back ache

It has been observed that low back ache, many a times, is overtreated by surgery. However, physical therapy can successfully deal with it in most of the cases.

  1. Chronic pain

Nearly about 116 million Americans experience chronic pains, that can be treated by physical therapy effectively.

  1. Weakness and lack of strength

Researches show that physical therapy can help in improving strength in elderly people with an appropriate exercise program.

  1. Diabetes

Physical therapy can lower the risk of diabetes with exercises. In America, 1 out of 4 people aging 60 and above has diabetes. Inactivity and obesity is the main reason and physical therapy can help in getting our seniors physically active.

  1. Bladder/bowel problems/incontinence

About more than 13 million people in the US have bowel/bladder problems. Physical therapy has given excellent results in the cases of incontinence.

  1. Cardiac and higher mental conditions

Cardiovascular diseases top the charts in causes of death in America. The mantra to deal with this is “be active and keep your heart healthy”. About 40% or more people above the age of 80 tend to have memory problems. If you are active, you have lesser tendency to have memory issues as per many studies conducted over the years.

  1. Osteopathic problems

The bones that form the basic framework of our body get weaker with the passing years. More than half of American elderly population have osteoporosis. Exercises can prove very helpful in keeping the bones strong.

  1. Balance problems leading to fall

One in every 3 Americans over the age of 65 years of age have problems with balance. With physical therapy, they can not only overcome it but can also gain self-confidence and be independent.

Choose Physical Therapy, keep Moving”