Work Life Balance

Ever felt your professional life is taking a toll on your personal space? Or maybe, felt reluctant to go to work? Has your family been complaining about the constant absence from home due to office? Most of the working population in America suffer from moderate to high stress. One of the major contributing factor for stress is not being able to maintain work life balance. On an average, Americans spend more than 50 hours/week at work. According to 2010 National Health Interview Survey Occupational Health Supplement Data, 16% of American workers had difficulty in balancing work and family, with imbalance mostly seen in working age group of 30-44 years, or single parents.

A recent study released by researchers at Howard Business School and Stanford University found that the work stress is as damaging as second-hand smoke to that of person’s health. Many health-related problems occur over a period of time when you take a lot of stress. Wondering what to do when you still need to work to support your family? The mantra is, you should start taking small steps and work over it if you are already a workaholic.


Work smart than working hard-

  • Work smart and effectively
  • Leave work on time
  • Always try to finish your work within office hours and do not stay back until late hours
  • Do not carry work stress along when you go home
  • Stay positive and keep everyone around you in good spirits
  • Technology makes the employee accessible anytime of the day. Try to fix your working hours, don’t be available 24×7 unless your job demands. Even if you own a business or are working from home, keep fixed “office hours” and stick to this plan every day
  • Don’t stay stuck with your smartphones all the time. This is the most “stress contributing factor” nowadays. Enjoy life, do not let technology ruin your life.
  • Inculcate a hobby, it can help ease out stress and make you happy
  • Exercise and meditate whenever possible
  • Reserve a “family time” and a “me time” as well. Try having dinner together, it helps in family bonding.


A healthy work life balance is the key to a successful professional life. It improves concentration at work.