Our Providers

TheraNow is an online physical therapy provider. We base our services on the latest technology in the healthcare delivery model, which is Tele-Rehab. Our Board-Certified Physical Therapists are highly qualified and skilled, who have been trained well to provide best-in-class physical therapy treatment through Tele-Rehab.

Tele-Rehab enables patients to take rehabilitation services from the comfort of their homes or offices, at any time, through a highly secure and encrypted one-on-one video call, where our therapists assess and evaluate their medical condition, and provide physical therapy treatment in accordance to their assessment.

This means, now there is no more waiting for insurance or at the physical therapy clinics or high treatment charges. A healthy life is now just a click away, that too, more convenient and cost-effective.

An Overview on the TheraNow Provider Network:

Our Physical Therapists

All our providers (physical therapists) are board-certified. Our providers are highly qualified and skilled and carry a rich amount of experience in physical therapy with great success stories.

Our Providers' Motto

All our providers pledge to provide effective and best-in-class physical therapy treatment to their patients. The only motto they have is to cure the patients as quickly as possible, all the while keeping a humane approach.

Our Provider Selection

We at TheraNow hold patient care and cure as the utmost important goal. To ensure quality and effective services, we have high standards of selection of our providers, and each stage passes under the careful observation through a lens.

Our Training

TheraNow follows Telerehab, the latest technological advancement in healthcare, we provide extensive training required for this treatment delivery model, further uplifting the skills and knowledge base of our providers.

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    January 8
    Amazing App!.
    Amazing app for doing the home exercises my therapist prescribed. I was able to t...
    Paul Reed
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    January 11
    So happy with the services.
    Great service, especially not having to travel and wait in the office. The mobile app was e...
    Madison Cooper
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    January 15
    Interesting services.
    I couldn’t use TheraNow services that’s why I will rate them 4 stars but I do want t...
    Gomez Christopher
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    January 24
    TheraNow is a lifesaver..
    Best in class service with modern technology to build the platform and highly train...
    Dr. Ashok Gupta

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